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Senate postpones the election of civil society representatives in the Superior Council of Magistracy / Senators quarreled on the voting order

de A.C.
Miercuri, 6 aprilie 2011, 13:47 English | Top News

The Senate postponed again the validation of Corina Dumitrescu as member of the Superior Council of Magistracy, a representative of the civil society and the election of another new member representing the civil society replacing Victor Alistar. Even though the vote was scheduled for Wednesday, governing party senators quarreled with the opposition on the order they will vote the candidates and decided to postpone it for Monday. Meanwhile, the Superior Council of Magistracy, for lack of members, functions on a special quorum set by the government of 14 members instead of 15 as it is normal. 

The Senate’s judicial committee approved on Tuesday five of the six candidates proposed by the civil society as member in the Council and the Senate was supposed to elect one of the five candidates for the position.

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