​102,870 new labor contracts were signed in a week since the new Labour Code was enforced following controls to counter illegal workers, PM Emil Boc announced on Monday in a press conference organized at the Labor Ministry. Boc said that unemployment rates dropped in April to 5.41% compared to 5.92% in March.

Here are his most important statements:

  • The Labor Code was enforced a week ago. 

  • Also then, we initiated a series of inspections to counter illegal employments 

  • Following these actions we can put forward several conclusions  

  • There were 3000 inspections since May 2 -9 to identify illegal employments. 

  • The fines amounted to 38 billion old lei. In just one week, 102,870 new labor contracts were signed  

  • We said for the beginning that the aim of the new labor code is to create new jobs  

  • Today, 102,000 people are no longer dependent on the social assistance

  • Most labor contracts signed come from the constructions industry  

  • For those who work illegally, I tell them that it is not worth it. For employers, the fine is 10.000 new lei. With this sum a company can pay a worker with labor contract for one year.

  • Romania’s unemployment rate is 5.41%, a decrease since April