Vasile Blaga’s supporters would have changed their option regarding the appointment of a technocrat and puts forward some terms, sources within the Democratic Liberal Party declared for According to them, Blaga told President Basescu that his Parliamentarians will endorse and vote the change of the prime minister on one condition: to have all ministers named politically. The governing coalition will meet on Tuesday morning at the government’s headquarters. According to sources, the agenda contains the problem of a possible replacement of the Prime Minister.

Governing coalition members will be consulted on this issue. According to sources, talks will be foced on the chances of validation in the Parliament of a new government and on a general mobilization of Parliamentarians. Blaga’s supporters said that they will act at the party’s request on the matter.

According to sources, Boc’s supporters do not want him replaced and instead push for a government reshuffling. sources claim that a final decision regarding Boc’s resignation, the appointment of a technocrat as head of the Prime Minister and a reshuffling of the government will be decided at Cotroceni.