50 searches took place, on Monday morning at Constanta, South East Romania and Bucharest in a file of fiscal evasion and smuggling, a huge operation orchestrated by anti graft prosecutors in which Democratic Liberal Party Senator Mircea Banias and Interior ministry general secretary Laurentiu Mironescu seem to be involved.

According to Realitatea TV, Mironescu’s house was searched early in the morning. The two were partners in a company with its headquarters at Constanta, South East Romania. Moreover, other persons targeted were customs chiefs in Bucharest and Constanta. It seems that the investigation involves merchandise from China that entered the country through Constanta without any controls and reached the capital city. Senator Mircea Banias arrived at the anti graft prosecutors’ headquarters for hearings.

Banias was informed that he is investigated for favoring a felon, in a file of illegal VAT return worth 60 million euro. According to judicial sources, the Senator denied he knows Said Baaklini. The news was quoted by France Presse that reminds its readers that Romania was accepted in the EU in 2007 and Bucharest authorities hoped that it will join Schengen in March this year.