Italian PM Berlusconi met his Romanian counterpart Emil Boc to lead the second inter-governmental summit at the government’s headquarters that will also tackle the issue of Romania’s adhesion to Schengen. The reunion will tackle issues related to political, economic and local cooperation, to the Romanian community in Italy and the new financial perspective of the EU, the common agricultural policy, the cohesion policy and the international and energy security.

The two officials also have a tete a tete discussion. Romanian Justice Minister will also have a chance to meet his Italian counterpart just like the Interior minister, the Economy minister who will meet their counterparts for bilateral talks.

The first intergovernmental Summit between Italy and Romania took place in October 2008, at Rome where a common declaration was signed showing that the two parties will benefit greatly by consolidating their political dialogue. Moreover, then, the two parties agreed to improve cooperation at the level of local administrations in Italy and Romania.