By the end of the year, the European Commission will summon Romania to return 2 million euro, on top of the million already requested through a notification sent on April 5 to the National Sports Authority. The announcement was made by Dennis Abbott, EC Commissioner for Education spokesperson who told that it concerns unused money or ineligible spends during 2002-2005.

The European Commission determined that half of those over 1 million euro requested back from the National Sports Authority were spent on other things than those agreed upon while the rest has been unspent. The Romanian authority announced on Wednesday, June 15 that the EC summoned the authority to pay back 1,091,150.82 euro in 20 days.

The sum regards contracts from 2003-2005 when the authority was lead by Cristian Rizea, current Social Democratic Deputy. Abbott told that the EC agreed to receive the money by the end of September after talks with the authority’s vice president, Sorin Moldovan. Abbott said that by the end of the year the European Commission will summon Romanian authority to return 2 million euro, sums unspent or ineligible. The contracts have been signed by Cristian Rizea as legal representative of the Romanian authority.