President Traian Basescu announced that on Monday, June 27, the Hungarian Democrats will present a point of view on Romania’s territorial reorganization, saying that it will be done. Basescu rejected one more time the proposal of the opposition for early elections. Basescu announced that it will maintain in the project revising the constitution the proposals on the elimination of the presumed legal means of acquiring every wealth and that on the elimination of the immunity for Parliamentarians and ministers even though the Constitutional Court declared them unconstitutional.

About the proposal of the Opposition for early elections

  • My objective was to try and find a compromise between the opposition and governing coalition  
  • The Opposition can only discuss electoral issues, unfortunately. 
  • Romania is not in the situation to function with a crisis committee We need to be careful with the macro stability especially because it is influenced by external factors 
  • Banks of a state in great difficulty controls 27% of the banking market including the Romanian one which means we need to be very careful 
  • The opposition proposed a government of independents and early parliamentary elections this November  
  • This proposal means at least 3-4 months of interim governance and Romania does not need the instability  
  • I will forward to the parliament the project revising the Constitution as soon as possible  

About the revising of the Constitution

  • The wealth is protected, but we have no right to protect robberies  
  • I will not take into account the decision of the Constitutional Court to declare unconstitutional the proposals I made, to eliminate the presumption that the wealth of the citizens are acquired legally and to eliminate the immunity of the Parliamentarians and ministers. 
  • I am afraid that the new Superior Council of Magistracy fell ill of the illness of the old Council 

About territorial re-organization

  • On Monday, we will have a final decision of the Hungarian Democrats on the territorial reorganization issue  
  • We should finish by December 31 to finish the project on the territorial reorganization if a consensus will be reached 
  • A first analysis reveals that we would save 100 million euro annually if the project is implemented  
  • The territorial reorganization will be done