Dan Tapalaga
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Opinion: ​​The final battle

Sâmbătă, 6 Mai 2017 English | Top News
The upcoming weeks will be critical for Romania. The hotly debated bill on prison pardons, which was one step from pardoning corrupt officials following votes in the parliamentary judicial commission earlier this week, returns to the Senate commission on Monday and is expected to receive a plenary vote most probably the same day. Should protests announced for Sunday receive a low turnout, MPs defying the fight against corruption may very well gather courage again. And Romanians should not be surprised if acts of corruption become subject to pardon in the draft legislation again, along with tax evasion, money laundering or fraud.
Schimbarea de fizionomie a lui Sebastian Ghita

Romanian fugitive businessman Sebastian Ghita caught in Serbia

de Ed. Staff
Vineri, 14 Apr 2017 English | Top News
​Romanian businessman Sebastian Ghita, who faces several criminal inquiries at home and who has been on the run since late 2016, was retained in Belgrade during the night of April 13-14, the Romanian police has announced. has reported a month ago that Ghita was spotted in Serbia, but the report had been denied by Romanian government officials at the time.
Dan Tapalaga
Photo: Hotnews

OPINION ​​Romania and the bankruptcy of liberal democracy

Miercuri, 29 Mar 2017 English | Top News
"They plan to change the time! At night, like thieves!" The leader of Romania's governing Social Democrats (PSD) Liviu Dragnea published this message on his Facebook page on Saturday, before the daylight saving time change and in a latest sign of defiance at the weeks of anti-government, anti-corruption protests that shook Romania earlier this year. His message, itself stolen from another Facebook page, mockingly added the hashtags previously used by protesters. The PSD leader retained this laid back attitude later during the weekend when he pictured himself with Prime Minister Grindeanu fishing in the Danube Delta, with the clear aim at to depict him as a humble disciple. Meanwhile, his partner in government, Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu of ALDE, was discharging a key member of his party whom he accused of deviationism. But the really bad news is: the apocalypse comes smiling, inexorably. Dragnea took us all prisoners in his holey boat.
Liviu Dragnea vrea remanierea guvernului Grindeanu
Photo: Agerpres

Romanian PM announces withdrawal of corruption-related decree, uses ambiguous language as massive protests continue in Bucharest

de Editorial Staff
Sâmbătă, 4 Feb 2017 English | Top News
Romanian PM Sorin Grindeanu announced on Saturday evening that his government would convene in emergency session on Sunday morning to "withdraw, postpone" a corruption-related emergency ordinance. He made the ambiguous statement as up to 150,000 people were protesting before the Government HQ in Bucharest against the ordinance, which is seen as favoring high level corruption.

Bulgarians, Moldovans expected to stage demontrations in support of Romanian protesters

de Editorial staff
Vineri, 3 Feb 2017 English | Top News
Protests are being organised in Bulgarian capital Sofia and in the Republic of Moldova in support of massive demonstrations taking place in Romania against government decisions that undermine the fight against corruption.
Liviu Dragnea vrea remanierea guvernului Grindeanu
Photo: Agerpres

Romanian Government faces blanket criticism in wake of decisions undermining fight against corruption

de C.I.
Miercuri, 1 Feb 2017 English | Top News
A series of legal changes secretly pushed by the Romanian Government late on Tuesday sparked a wave of protests and criticism on Wednesday. The Romanian President, the opposition parties, all key bodies representing the Judiciary, a major trade union, the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce blasted or simply criticised the Sorin Grindeanu government's moves or opted to just show how specifically they undermine the ongoing fight against corruption.
Jean Claude Juncker
Photo: Facebook

EC President Juncker blasts Romanian government moves undermining anti-graft moves

de C.I.
Miercuri, 1 Feb 2017 English | Top News
​"We are following the latest developments in Romania with great concern," say EC President Jean-Claude Juncker and Vice-President Timmermans in a joint statement issued on Wednesday. The statement comes after the Romanian government secretly approved late on Tuesday a series of legal changes that seriously undermine the ongoing fight against corruption in the country.
Florin Iordache
Photo: Agerpres

Romanian government secretly adopts emergency ordinances critics say undermine fight against corruption​

de Costin Ionescu
Marţi, 31 Ian 2017 English | Top News
The Romanian government adopted Tuesday evening two emergency ordinances pardoning certain criminal sencences and changing the Criminal Law. The changes, which have sparked massive protests in Bucharest and other major cities over the past two weeks, are seen as major obstacles that undermine the fight against high level corruption and assist suspected criminals including the leader of the governing PSD party, Liviu Dragnea.
  • UPDATE The number of protesters who gathered in Bucharest following the government decisions rose to some 15,000 by midnight. Thousands others took part in demonstrations in other cities. Meanwhile, the government published the decisions in the Official Gazette with unprecedented speed shortly after midnight. President Klaus Iohannis mourned the ordinances and the Prosecutor General urged the Ombudsman to challenge them at the Constitutional Court.
Photo: Hotnews

Tens of thousands of Romanians attend new protests against government plans to change legislation in favor of corrupt officials

de Editorial Staff
Duminică, 29 Ian 2017 English | Top News
Tens of thousands of people were protesting in Bucharest and many cities across Romania on Sunday evening against government plans to force through a series of measures critics say are aimed at helping top politicians and business people who are targeted by the fight against corruption.
Protest masiv pe bd Magheru
Photo: Hotnews

Massive protests in Bucharest, other Romanian cities against planned measures aimed at defending corrupt officials

de Editorial Staff
Duminică, 22 Ian 2017 English | Top News
Thousands of people took to the streets of Bucharest and other major Romanian cities on Sunday evening to protest a series of planned governmental measures aimed at slowing down the fight against corruption and at protecting people investigated under graft charges. President Klaus Iohannis and some opposition politicians joined the crowds in Bucharest, days after similar protests took place after the government tried to pass the measures secretly.
UPDATE As protesters marched through downtown Bucharest, their number rose to 20-30,000, according to various estimates.

Romania moves against fight against corruption, tensions involving intelligence services intensify​

de Costin Ionescu
Marţi, 17 Ian 2017 English | Top News
The Romanian government is expected to adopt an emergency ordinance on Wednesday to change criminal law in a serious way, governmental sources have told The exact scope of the changes is not clearly known, but they are expected to target key legal means used in the fight against high level corruption that has taken Romania by storm for several years. President Klaus Iohannis, whom many have seen as the most important remaining opposition figure to the current government, made a mooted intervention on the issue on Tuesday.​
UPDATE 18.01.2017 The government dropped plans to discuss two emergency ordinances in this regard during its morning session on Wednesday after President Iohannis showed up to attend the session and prevent such a move.
Dan Adamescu

British press hosts sustained campaign to discredit Romania's fight against corruption. Sentenced businessman and indicted son who fights extradition depicted as political victims

de Costin Ionescu
Miercuri, 11 Ian 2017 English | Top News
A sustained campaign to discredit the fight against corruption that has been taking place in Romania is currently intensifying in British media. The campaign defends a Romanian businessman, Dan Adamescu, who last year was sentenced under corruption charges and his England-based son, Alexander Adamescu, who refuses to answer to bribery charges and fights extradition to Romania. The campaign, involving top media titles such as The Telegraph and The Guardian, gets a boost as an April deadline when British judges are due to decide on an extradition request regarding Adamescu Jr.. And the campaign find support in other European media, including talk that Adamescu newly-found "Jewish origin" may have relevance in the case.
Liviu Dragnea, la votul de investire al guvernului
Photo: Hotnews

New Romanian government receives parliamentary approval

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 4 Ian 2017 English | Top News
​A new Romanian government led by Social Democratic PM Sorin Grindeanu received parliamentary approval on Wednesday, promising to make Romania "normal". Grindeanu's team, picked - including the prime minister - by Social Democratic Party leader Liviu Dragnea, offered during preliminary hearings today a series of hints on where the act of government is heading, beyond the official government planning announced by the PSD.
Prezentarea ministrilor PSD din Guvernul Grindeanu
Photo: Hotnews

Romania's new government members announced

de Editorial Staff
Marţi, 3 Ian 2017 English | Top News
The leader of Romania's largest political party, the Social Democrats (PSD), announced on Tuesday the list of nominations for the new government due to be sworn in following President Iohannis' acceptance of PSD official Sorin Grindeanu as prime minister late last year. THe list includes a previous nominee for the head of government and other controversial members of the PSD and its Liberal ally, ALDE.

Sorin Grindeanu
Photo: Agerpres

Social Democratic nominee Sorin Grindeanu named prime minister of Romania

de Editorial Staff
Vineri, 30 Dec 2016 English | Top News
Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has named Sorin Grindeanu, the nominee of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), as prime minister, the Presidency announced Friday Morning. Grindeanu was the second nomination pushed forward by the PSD in the wake of its victory in the general elections earlier this month. A first nominee - a Muslim woman connected to PSD local barons and whose Syrian family raised questions - had been rejected by the President early this week.

Romania President rejects controversial nomination of Muslim woman connected to Social Democratic barons as Romanian PM

de Editorial Staff
Marţi, 27 Dec 2016 English | Top News
Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday rejected the Social Democratic Party (PSD) nomination of Sevil Shhaideh for prime minister. Iohannis stopped short of explaining his decision to reject Shhaideh, a Muslim woman whom PSD leader Liviu Dragnea pushed forward as he himself had little chance of being accepted as PM. The decision comes after a week of controversies surrounding Shhaideh, who is married to a Syrian businessman close to the Assad regime.
Sevil Shhaideh
Photo: Agerpres

Sevil Shhaideh, a Muslim woman connected to local moguls with criminal records, is surprise nomination for prime minister of Romania

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 21 Dec 2016 English | Top News
​The leader of Romania's biggest political party shocked all on Wednesday as he nominated Sevil Shhaideh - a Muslim woman with a history of political and local administration cronyism, for the position of prime minister. Shhaideh nomination comes in the wake of general elections that Social Democrats won by a large margin, partially thanks to a nationalistic campaign that blasted the previous prime minister, Dacian Ciolos, and President Klaus Iohannis, an ethnic German Lutheran, for not being "truly Romanian" or "Orthodox Christian" as the majority of the country's population.
Photo: Agerpres

Exit polls: Social Democrats in major lead in Romania parliamentary elections

de C. Ionescu
Duminică, 11 Dec 2016 English | Top News
Romania's biggest political party, the Social Democrats (PSD), won a major lead over challenging Liberals in parliamentary elections on Sunday, according to exit polls announced at 9 p.m.. The exit polls placed the PSD at well over 40%, more than double the votes received by the National Liberal Party (PNL) and four times as much as the newly formed Save Romania Union (USR), which managed up to 10% of the votes.
La vot
Photo: Agerpres

Romania votes in key parliamentary elections marked by graft, revolt, split society and... George Soros

de Costin Ionescu
Duminică, 11 Dec 2016 English | Top News
​Millions of Romanians are expected to vote on Sunday in parliamentary elections seen as crucial for the future of Romania's international interests and for the major push against corruption in one of the poorest EU countries. In what appears, to some extent, to be a reverse image of the recent US presidential elections, the Romanian poll pitches establishment parties and a newly formed political movement of anti-establishment activists against each other in an ballot marked by the ongoing fight against corruption, "post-truth" electoral coverage and widespread revolt over a deadly fire which took place in Bucharest a year ago.
Klaus Iohannis
Photo: Administratia Prezidentiala

Romanian leader Iohannis congratulates US President elect Trump with message supporting joint efforts for stability and security

de Ed. Staff
Miercuri, 9 Nov 2016 English | Top News
Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has sent Donald Trump a letter to congratulate him for his victory in the US presidential elections, the Romanian Presidency announced Wednesday morning. Iohannis said in the message that Romania "fully understands" to contribute to joint efforts promoting stability and security in the region.


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