Commissioner Corina Cretu uses Parable of Talents to prompt Romania use financial instruments in support of SMEs ​European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu used Biblical teachings in a conference in Bucharest on Thursday to push the Romanian Government into giving proper attention to and accepting the importance of European financial instruments to support SMEs. He warned Romanian minister for European Funds Eugen Teodorovici that, in the words of Matthew, "from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away". For his part, Teodorovici said that his government was working to create a state-controlled development bank to offer its own financial instruments to SMEs and other beneficiaries, in order to access European funds.
Romania says it regrets blunder after Foreign minister gave German counterpart a brochure with German flag printed on France map. Gift initiative belonged to local news agency ​German Foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier received a curious gift from his Romanian counterpart Bogdan Aurescu during his trip to Bucharest on Monday: a brochure on which the flags of Romania and Germany stood side by side - but while the Romanian flag was printed on a map of Romania, that of Germany was printed on a map of... France. The Romanian minister felt compelled to send the deepest regrets for the blunder personally to Steinmeier, who played down the incident.
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier: Germany ready to contribute to creation of a NATO command center in Romania / Plus: sanctions and Ukraine, interests of German companies German Foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has given an exclusive interview with one day before his visit to Bucharest today, which comes just weeks after Romanian President Iohannis visited Berlin. Steinmeier says an important issue he would discuss with top Romanian officials will be to identify joint initiatives for stronger cooperation between the two countries. He said Germany was ready to take part in the creation of units to integrate NATO forces and of a multinational command center in Romania. Regarding German companies active in Romania, he said the extension of infrastructure, better legal safety and fair public tenders would be advantages for Romania in attracting German investments. He also spoke of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, saying it was wrong to believe that sanctions or weaponry deliveries would be a remedy in the Ukrainian conflict.
​OPINION The major issues with President Iohannis' nomination of politician Eduard Hellvig as head of Romanian Intelligence Service Information obtained by shows with little doubt that Romania's new President Klaus Iohannis has not consulted with the US partners of the country before making one of his most important moves at the start of his term: the nomination of a new head at the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) this week. The Americans were abruptly informed just prior to the official announcement that Iohannis' nominee for SRI director would be politician Eduard Hellvig, as confirmed by both domestic and foreign sources. So what he did not consult with the US - isn't Romania an independent, sovereign country? Why should the US or any other partner give their blessing before hand? Well, this is not about a foreign veto, but about a basic gesture of courtesy to the strategic partners of Romania.
President Iohannis proposes Liberal politician, supporter of US-Germany-Romania security axis, to head Romanian Intelligence Service Romanian President Klaus Iohannis announced on Thursday that he proposed Liberal politician Eduard Hellvig for heading the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), saying he was "the warranty for a European road of SRI". The seat of director at Romania's top intelligence service was left vacant after the previous director, George Maior, resigned in late January. Eduard Hellvig has been serving as a member of the European Parliament after he served as a minister in the Victor Ponta-led coalition government. He is a proponent of a stronger security collaboration with Germany than with Britain.
Anti-graft prosecutors investigate case involving business owned by Romanian PM Victor Ponta's family. Ponta's crony Sebastian Ghita summoned as "suspect" Romanian anti-corruption prosecutors on Tuesday launched raids at 14 addresses in the cities of Bucharest and Ploiesti in a criminal case linked to suspected acts of corruption and EU fund fraud, the anti-graft body DNA has announced. According to judicial sources, targeted firms include a company established by the mother of Romanian PM Victor Ponta, which is now partially owned by Alexandra Hertanu, Ponta's sister. Also on Tuesday, Ponta's brother-in-law Iulian Hertanu, prominent politician and businessman Sebastian Ghita - one of Ponta's cronies - showed up for testimonies at DNA Ploiesti.
Romania anti-graft prosecutors call for preventive arrest of former Romanian minister, presidential candidate Elena Udrea in multiple corruption cases Romania's National Anti-corruption Department (DNA) requested approval on Wednesday afternoon for the preventive arrest of Elena Udrea, a prominent politician best known for her serving as Development and Tourism minister in 2009-2012 and for running in the 2014 presidential election, when she was supported by then-president Traian Basescu. DNA requested approval for her arrest in a case in which she is accused of bribe taking in the organisation of a sports event when she served as minister. Shortly after the announcement, DNA requested another approval to arrest Udrea in two separate cases, charging her with bribe taking and traffic of influence.
Top Romanian media owner and former CEO of Central European Media Enterprises Adrian Sarbu retained under tax evasion, money laundering-related charges One of Romania's most powerful media owners, Adrian Sarbu, best known for his several years at the helm of listed international company Central European Media Enterprises, was retained for 24 hours on Monday under charges of abetting tax evasion, money laundering and embezzlement. The charges are related to a major tax evasion case involving the Romanian company he owns, Mediafax Group. Sarbu rejects the charges, claiming the case was fabricated against him by prime minister Victor Ponta and Ponta's crony Sebastian Ghita, an influential and controversial politician and businessman.
Former Romanian minister, presidential candidate Elena Udrea denounces interim head of intelligence service, speaks of links between services, shady business, politics and media Elena Udrea, a prominent politician who used to serve as Development minister years ago and ran unsuccessfully for presidency in 2014, shocked Romanian politics on Friday with an interview for in which she made a series of allegations linking the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) with politicians, influential businessmen accused of corruption and controversial media owners. She came forward with the statements a day after she was placed under criminal inquiry under charges of money laundering and false wealth statements.
Former Economy minister Adriean Videanu retained by Romania anti-graft prosecutors Former Economy minister Adriean Videanu on Thursday was retained by Romania anti-graft prosecutors under charges of complicity to abuse in office, according to judicial sources quoted by news agency Agerpres. He left the National Anti-corruption Department (DNA) in handcuffs late on Thursday.
Influential former minister Elena Udrea placed under criminal investigation by Romania anti-graft prosecutor Romania anti-graft prosecutors on Thursday launched a criminal investigation against influential former minister and 2014 presidential candidate Elena Udrea, under charges of money laundering and false wealth statements. The charges are related to her wealth, which prosecutors linked to her former husband, a low-profile businessman who is facing charges in two major National Anti-corruption Department (DNA) investigations.
Former ministers sentenced in strategic privatisation case A former Economy minister and a former Communications minister, who served in the Romanian Government in mid-2000's, received prison sentences in a major case related to strategic privatizations at the time on Tuesday. Romania's High Court sentenced ex-Economy minister Codrut Seres to 4 years and 8 months, whil ex-Communications minister Zsolt Nagy was sentenced to 4 years. The ruling is final.
Head of Romania intelligence service resigns The head of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), George Maior, submitted his resignation on Tuesday and President Klaus Iohannis accepted it, the Presidency has announced, failing to announce a possible replacement for Maior. The resignation comes a week after Maior criticized harshly a Constitutional Court decision to declare a cyber security draft law unconstitutional and the Court president denounced pressure from SRI. round table: TTIP effects on economy and Romania's priorities during negotiations The effects of the future free trade deal between the EU and the US, TTIP, on European economy and Romania's priorities during negotiations are the subject of a round table organises on Thursday, with support from the US Embassy. The round table will be attended by representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission Delegation to Romania, the US and UK Embassies, AmCham, trade unions and NGOs.
Romanian Foreign minister Melescanu resigns over presidential vote abroad Romania Foreign minister Teodor Melescanu announced his resignation on Tuesday, taking responsibility for the impossibility that not all Romanians were able to vote at polling stations abroad in the presidential elections on Sunday. He said he would submit his resignation in a government meting today - eight days after he was named Foreign minister, replacing Titus Corlatean, who resigned over similar issues.
UPDATE PM Victor Ponta admits defeat in Romania presidential elections: The people is always right / Iohannis claims victory as governmental abuse of voting abroad prompts huge turnout Two hours after polls closed and exit polls announced results in Romania presidential elections on Sunday were too close to call, candidate Victor Ponta - who is also prime minister - admitted defeat against opposition candidate Klaus Iohannis. For his part, shortly after Ponta's statement Iohannis first claimed victory with messages on Facebook addressing the huge numbers of people turning out to vote: "We took our country back!"
Exit polls - Romania presidential elections: Vote is too close to call as Romanians abroad show up in impressive numbers despite humiliating conditions. Claims of major irregularities by candidate Ponta's camp in rural Romania Exit polls in Romania presidential elections announced at 9.00 p.m. on Sunday showed PM Victor Ponta and opposition candidate Klaus Iohannis neck in neck with votes counted by 7.00 p.m. local time, as thousands of people were still waiting to vote at polling stations across Europe and the US. Exit polls run by TV channels close to Ponta showed a slight advantage to Ponta (50,3 to 49.7%), while one for public TV channel TVR showed a 3 percentage points advantage for Iohannis. Online media report major irregularities by Victor Ponta's camp especially in rural Romania.updating
Thousands of Romanians form queues of hundreds of meters at polling stations abroad in defiant vote in key presidential elections A rare view in cities across Europe on Sunday: thousands of Romanians living abroad formed queues hundreds of meters long to cast their ballots in presidential elections today, as the government led by PM Victor Ponta, who runs in the poll, failed to properly organise voting abroad properly despite calls to do so after major problems in the first round of elections. At some polling stations in European capitals, turnout was up to twice as big as the one reported in the November 2 round of elections.
Romania elects new President in tense poll as sinister campaign ends Romania heads to the polls on Sunday for a second round of presidential elections seen as key for democracy and state of law in the SE European country. After one of the dirtiest electoral campaign in Romania's 25 year post-communist history, some 18 million people have to choose between current Social Democratic prime minister Victor Ponta, who has run a populist, nationalistic campaign appealing to the poorer segments of the population, and Klaus Iohannis, the ethnic German, popular mayor of Sibiu city, who has little to no experience in national or international politics.
Official results in first round of Romania presidential elections: Victor Ponta - 40.33%, Klaus Iohannis - 30.44% Romanian Social Democratic PM Victor Ponta won the first round of the presidential elections on Sunday with 40.33% of the votes, followed by the leading opposition candidate, Klaus Iohannis, with 30.44%, according to official partial results with 98.3% of votes counted by Monday at noon.


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