Sir Edmund Hillary, first man to conquer the Everest, dies aged 88 The first man who ever climbed the Everest, the world's highest mountain, died on Thursday night, aged 88, after a few years of worsening health conditions, the New Zealand Prime Minister declared, quoted by France Presse. Hillary dies after a heart crisis in a hospital in Auckland. “Sir Ed spoke of himself as a simple New Zealander, of modest quality. In fact, he was a Colossus, a hero", the prime minister wrote in a press release.
Romania not an actor in uranium and plutonium smuggling Romania is not included in the database of the International Atomic Energy Agency in any aspects of the illegal traffic of enriched uranium and plutonium, the IAEA website reveals. At the beginning of the week, IAEA director Mohamed ElBaradei expressed his concern that Al-Qaeda may be supplied with nuclear or radioactive materials coming from Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Romanian authorities reacted promptly, denying the existence of such a traffic on Romanian soil. 
Romania to build animal stunning facilities using EU funds Romanian authorities put up a plan to solve the problem of animal stunning and prepare to suggest in Brussels that such specialized facilities could be built through accessing EU non-refundable funds. At this moment, the stunning of pigs during Christmas holidays and of lambs during Easter is still conducted using traditional means, far from the European demands. The Veterinarian Authority chairman, Radu Roatis, says that the plan includes an education campaign for peasants. 
Judge Lidia Barbulescu elected new president in CSM The Superior Magistrates Council (CSM) elected a new president on Thursday. Lidia Barbulescu won the position almost unanimously, with 15 votes in favor and only one against. At the same time, Gratiana Isac was elected unanimously as vice president of the Council. For the first time in the history of this institution, the candidates had to present an action plan for their mandate.
Movie director Sergiu Nicolaescu undergoes brain surgery Movie director and Social Democrat central figure Sergiu Nicolaescu suffered a surgical intervention on Thursday morning in order to have a haematoma removed from the brain surface. The movie director (also former top Romanian actor) was hospitalized this week and was forced to pursue the intervention after he was injured in a domestic accident two months ago. Doctors say his condition is stable and he is recovering well, already speaking and moving hands and feet.
Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu sticks to nomination of Norica Nicolai as Justice minister despite presidential opposition Romanian prime minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu informed President Traian Basescu in a letter on Wednesday that he sticks to the nomination of Liberal Senator for the seat of Justice minister, a day after Basescu informed him in a letter that he he disagreed with her nomination. Tariceanu fiercely attacked the head of state, saying Basescu couldn't reject a person "for the simple reason of bearing a strong political and personal dislike" towards her.
How to play with faces on the FBI website A technical vulnerability of the website allows users to play and have friends, rivals or personalities figure as one of the "most wanted" people looked for by the FBI. A cowboy-looking President of Romania, Traian Basescu, has already landed on the FBI website, funny-face accompanied by a text that calls him "the Tony Soprano of Romania".
Child porn scandal shocks Bulgaria Advertising clips of a new Bulgarian movie, Baklava (a kind of Turkish cake), directed by Alekso Petrov, shocked Bulgaria, Rador informs. Terrible scenes of homosexuality, violence and pornography, all involving children, as well as scenes of drunk minors smoking and taking drugs caused a huge scandal among Bulgarians. The clips were filmed in an orphanage, "A.G. Kodjakafalieta", in the city of Burgas.
Over 100 Romanians attacked in xenophobic outburst in Italy On the night of January 7/8, over 100 Romanians camped in an abandoned wine factory in Aprilia, Italy, were victims of a new xenophobic attack. The immigrants occupied a factory on via Nettunese, as shelter from the cold. On Monday night, an organized group of Italian youngsters threw Molotov cocktails through the factory windows, then destroyed the windows of cars parked nearby.
Lobby to hire a nephew for Norica Nicolai Former deputy manager at the National penitentiary Administration Sorin Dumitrascu declared for that he was asked to employ Norica Nicolai's nephew shortly after the Parliament incident involving her. Norica Nicolai, suggested for the Justice Minister seat, as rejected by President Traian Basescu because some 18 months ago she was involved in a scandal, when she let a nephew vote in her place in the Parliament. The nephew, Ana Hanes Manea, was employed in the National Office against Money Laundering, where she still works. Dumitrascu refuses to point at the person(s) who put pressure on him to hire Manea, but admits that is the same person involved in the scandal of the illegal vote and that the lobby referred to a position that did not involve contact with the convicts.
World Bank foresees global economic slowdown in 2008 The global economy growth rate is expected to decrease to 3.3%, the World Bank estimates. The institution draws the attention towards the fact that the lack of financial stability may cause a recession in the US economy, NewsIn informs.
Putin may visit Romania during the 2008 NATO summit Romania prepares for the NATO summit scheduled for April 2008, in Bucharest. According to the Russian news agency Novyi Region, quoting Deutsche Welle, some surprises may take place during the reunion. Organizers say that a visit of the Russian strongman Vladimir Putin may be expected, this being the first time the leader would arrive in Romania.German analysts see in the meeting between Romanian president Traian Basescu and Vladimir Putin - as president or prime minister - a possibility to improve the relations between Romania and Russia.
Surprising victory of Hillary Clinton Democrat senator Hillary Clinton won the confrontation against senator Barrack Obama in the preliminary elections in New Hampshire. The race was a lot tighter than expected. Clinton won by just 2%, after Obama was indicated as favorite by pre-scrutiny polls. Advisers in the Democrat campaign say that Hillary won due to her sensitive attitude. In the Republican camp, John McCain won by far, with 37%. 
VIDEO:  Yokozuna Asashoryu makes quite an impression on return to sumo competition Grand champion Asashoryu made quite an appearance on his return to training before the Tokyo sumo turney due to begin late this week on Tuesday. It was the first appearance of the Mongol after the scandal last year when he was seen playing football in Mongolia shortly after refusing to attend the sumo circuit on medical grounds.
VIDEO: Bill Gates the billionaire mocks Bill Gates the pensioner Bill Gates presented a funny and cool moment in which he mocks his own person at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008 in Las Vegas, where the founder of Microsoft talked about his imminent withdrawal from the company. View a film depicting Bill Gates poking fun at himself as a pensioner:
Fugitive Omar Hayssam awaits the Romanian justice in Lebanon Omar Hayssam, a fugitive businessman of Syrian origin accused of terrorist acts in Romania, told Romanian prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu in a wired telephone conversation that he can meet him in Lebanon whenever he wants, Romanian daily Gandul reads, quoting news agency Mediafax. Moreover, he added that the prosecutor can enjoy a nice holiday in Lebanon with expensive cars and women. Hayssam confessed that he left the country with a fake passport.
US Embassy employee who injured Romanian citizen left the country An employee working with the US Embassy to Bucharest who was involved in a serious car crash in the Romanian capital which caused serious injuries to a Romanian woman has left the country, Romanian newspaper Gardianul informs. According to the newspaper, agent Kevin Sandlin, an American Secret Services employee, left the country on Monday morning. 
Home alone: an entire village left for Spain Their children have computers and go skiing in the Austrian Alps. They learn Spanish from soap operas and dream of becoming football players or music stars. Some 648 people from Hordo, a village where George Cosbuc, a famous Romanian poet was born, have left for Spain in search for better jobs and money to raise their children. However, their kids, left behind with their grandparents, feel abandoned in front of all the high tech surrounding them.
Romanian NGO SoJust urges magistrates to resign Romanian NGO Society for Justice (SoJust) reveals that all exams to occupy leading positions in courts and prosecutor's offices during the period of 2005-2007 did not comply with the necessary procedures and therefore calls on all members of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) to resign.UPDATE: The Council responded by saying that "such manifestations occur when SoJust members attend exams to be promoted to decision-making positions where they obtain mediocre results".
4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days film among favorites in New York Times preferences ''4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days'', the film of the famous Romanian director Cristian Mungiu numbers among the New York Times critics favorites in an unofficial Oscar list published on Sunday, Romanian Cultural Institute informs.


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