Romania film 4 months 3 weeks 2 days in Times top 100 The Times newspaper set up a list of the top 100 best movies launched in 2007. The film of the now famous Romanian director Cristian Mungiu, 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days comes top of the list with a five-star appreciation for its vivid story, combining social reality with political comments.
Romania - Albania football game denounced at FIFA A few days ago, the Albanian prime minister Sali Berisha publicly declared that the football games in his country are controlled by the gambling mafia. The very next day, Culture Minister Ylli Pango directly accused the president of the Football Federation of selling two games in the qualification stage for the Euro 2008 championship: the one against Belarus (2:4 in Tirana) and against Romania (1:6 in Bucharest). 
Deputy Dan Iosif dies aged 57 Deputy Dan Iosif, one of the few participants in the 1989 Revolution who made it through the years as politician, died on Wednesday morning in a clinic in Siberia, because of lung cancer. Born in 1950, father of two, Iosif was one of the first Romanians who broke into the Communist Party headquarters on December 22, 1989. His political godfather, former president Ion Iliescu, said that Iosif has fought his cancer with tenacity and discretion and hoped he would conquer his illness up to the last moment. Iosif recently threatened to unveil important facts about the 1989 Revolution. 
New Foreign Intelligence head named Former Foreign minister Mihai Razvan Ungureanu was validated by the Parliament as head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, with 295 votes in favor and only 23 against. Ungureanu has sworn in front of the parliamentarians at noon on Wednesday. On Tuesday, Ungureanu was voted unanimously by the members of the Foreign Intelligence Commissions in the Senate and the House of Deputies. Ungureanu was suggested for the office by president Traian Basescu. The seat has been vacant for a few months after the resignation of the former director, Claudiu Saftoiu. 
Flood warning for seven Romanian counties Representatives of the Environment and Sustainable Development Ministry issued a hydrological warning for seven counties on Tuesday. Most of the counties are located in East Romania and the warning is on starting with Tuesday 10 am up to Wednesday 8 pm.
Romanian PM Tariceanu: first car registration tax, neither eliminated nor reduced  Romanian PM Tariceanu said on Tuesday that the first car registration tax applied by his government and harshly criticized by Brussels will neither be eliminated nor reduced, Romanian news agency NewsIn informs. Tariceanu says that the current talks with the European Commission representatives relate only to technical issues that need to be modified.
Suspect in Italian murder case says he had an accomplice Nicolae Romulus Mailat, the presumed murderer of Giovanna Regianni, the Italian woman whose killing sparked an outrage against Romanian immigrants in Italy last month, has confessed to his lawyer that he had an accomplice, Romanian news station Realitatea TV informs. Mailat, an ethnic Gypsy from Romania, said Gheorghe Neamtu – the son of the woman who called the police – helped him with killing Regianni.
Anti-graft prosecutors deal with former minister Romania former Tourism minister Dan Matei Agathon faced a hearing by the anti-graft prosecutors regarding a privatization process during his term on Monday. But he told Romanian news agency NewsIn that he was heard as a witness and the case was not related to a privatization process coordinated by his ministry, but by another one.
Romanian anti-graft prosecutors investigate Romanian football boss Anti-graft prosecutors started investigating Romanian football boss Dumitru Dragomir for bribery and forgery in a file regarding a land transaction, Romanian news agency NewsIn informs. The prosecutors are also said to be investigating former football boss of FC National, Gino Iorgulescu.
1990 miners crusade leader Miron Cozma set free after ten years The man who led Romanian miners in a violent march to Bucharest in 1990 and then again throughout the nineties, Miron Cozma was set free after ten years of imprisonment. Cozma said that he was convicted because he was the one to lead what is commonly known as the miners crusades and had the courage to confront corrupt politicians.
EURO 2008/ Romania in impossible spin with Italy, France and Holland Romania national football team has ended up in a deadly group – the toughest in this year’s Euro 2008. Romanian players will face Italy (world champion), France (vice-world champion) and Holland. However, Holland does not seem to pose much trouble as the team already defeated it in the preliminaries.Read the scheduled matches for Romania and groups.
President Basescu on November 25 referendum: A major failure In an interview offered to and BBC, Romania president Traian Basescu assumes the low turnout at the referendum on November 25, but mentions that the Democrat Party (his main supporter) has also a share of the blame, due to its total lack of involvement in the electoral campaign. Starting in a calm voice, the president turns to a nervous speech when it comes to the Foreign Minister, Adrian Cioroianu or the Social-Democrat (PSD) opposition leader, Mircea Geoana. The Foreign Minister, Basescu says, "has a huge education deficit", as for Geoana - "I will never name him prime-minister as long as I am president". One of the most surprising statements comes when he talks about the referendum on the uninominal vote, Basescu declaring that a possibility exists for the Democrat Party to support the PSD uninominal vote project, submitted in 2005 in the Parliament. 
Romania Government: Laszlo Kovacs was ante-sentencing on the car tax reimbursement  The Romanian Government reached an official point of view regarding the reimbursement of the car tax, invoked by the European Tax Commissioner Laszlo Kovacs, claiming that such a measure can not be anticipated for the moment. The statement was made on Friday by the Governmental spokesperson, Camelia Spataru, one day after the car tax, considered as discriminatory by the European Commission, reached its second infringement stage, being one step away from the European Court of Justice. 
Romania warns Europe on 112 shutdown The European Commission opened on Wednesday the infringement procedure against Romania, arguing that the 112 emergency system is unable to trace the call when a mobile phone is used to announce an emergency. Romania has two months after the opening of the infringement procedures to offer officials in Brussels a satisfactory answer, or will face trial in the European Court of Justice. Meanwhile, the Special Telecomm Service (STS), operating the emergency line, claims it is out of funds to support the service and the Telecomm Regulation Authority waits for a law for 112. 
Anti-Corruption Prosecutors investigate frauds in chief-prosecutor offices exams Several judges are currently prosecuted, being accused of frauds in organizing the exams for high-ranking positions in Prosecution Offices around the country, the National Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office (DNA) announced on Thursday. The contest to gain a chief-prosecutor seat as organized in September, the results being expected to become public in December. 
Criminal law modifications may block 250,000 files Over 250,000 criminal investigations and files introduced in courts may be blocked by the Criminal Procedure Code modifications, Prosecutor General Laura Codruta Kovesi announced on Thursday. Criminal pursuit files will be annulled and criminals will see themselves abetted. During the past three months, 36 files were returned to prosecutors. "We see a dissolution of the state authority", was the verdict spoken by Kovesi, who sent no less than 7 letters to the two chambers of the Parliament, the Juridical Commissions of the Parliament and the Superior Magistrature Council, protesting against the changes brought to the Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedure Code.
EC Tax Commissioner: Car tax money must be refunded The Romanian Government must give back the money it received for taxing the first registration of vehicles, European Tax Commissioner Laszlo Kovacs declared on Thursday, in an interview for RFI. Kovacs mentioned that he discussed the tax, considered by the European Union as discriminatory, with Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu.
The Italy of Romanians French daily Le Monde wonders about the future effects of the Italian expelling decree - which allows authorities to expel EU citizens who committed crimes on Italian soil - but also about the wave of xenophobic acts targeted at Romanians. The first to be affected are the commercial exchanges, Rome being the main foreign partner of Bucharest. Then the large Italian businesses in Romania begin to fear retaliation from the people know until recently as friends. 
Authorities blame mobile operators in 112 scandal The European Commission opened on Wednesday a new infringement procedure against Romania, following the problems in tracing the 112 emergency calls, the same problem that already brought Poland and Latvia in the European Court of Justice. Vivian Reding, EC commissioner for Telecomm, says that the measure proves the importance the Commission attaches to the unique emergency number. According to the EU legislation, the access to emergency numbers must be free and the telecomm operators must be able to trace the call in order to offer assistance to the caller in need. 
What the newspapers say: November 29, 2007 While the European Parliament elections are still echoing among parties, who try to figure what caused the low turnout, and the European Commission brings Romania one step closer to the European Court of Justice, newspapers on Thursday pay more attention to the situation of Romanians working abroad. This time, it is not about crimes or illegal work, but local heroes and how the people in search of a better life leave Romanian companies without employees. 


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