Tudorel Toader
Foto: Facebook

Former Justice minister claims he was ousted for refusing to issue abusive Justice-related ordinances

de Editorial Staff
Former Justice minister Tudorel Toader, who orchestrated much of the wave of actions against the Judiciary launched by Romania's governing coalition for the past two years, is now claiming he was removed from office after refusing to put his signature on four justice-related emergency ordinances.
Sorin Blejnar (foto arhiva)
Foto: Agerpres

Romania's former tax authority chief Sorin Blejnar indicted in new corruption case

de Editorial Staff
A former head of Romania's fiscal authority ANAF was indicted for bribe taking, the country's anti-corruption department DNA announced on Thursday. The bribery amounts to EUR1.2 million in Blejnar's case, according to prosecutors.
George Maior
Foto: Ambasada Romaniei in SUA

​INTERVIEW What Romanian Ambassador to US George Maior says on Black Sea energy, 5G memorandum and US visas

de Claudiu Zamfir, adapt. C.I.
Romania's Ambassador to the US George Maior insists in an interview with on the political and strategic importance of talks on energy and 5G tech issues at a meeting between Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and US leader Donald Trump earlier this week. He also speaks of "encouraging signs" from Trump on the issue of American visas for Romanian nationals.
Viorel Mocanu
Foto: Antena 3

Romania's governmental agent at the European Court of Human Rights Viorel Mocanu dismissed as suspicions loom

de Editorial Staff
A key representative of the Romanian government at the European Court of Human Rights, who, as has revealed, acted in support of a top official against whom he should have defended the Romanian state, was released from office, according to a decision by the Romanian PM on Wednesday.
Donald Trump si Klaus Iohannis
Foto: Administratia Prezidentiala

UPDATE VIDEO Trump-Iohannis Meeting ​US President says relations with Romania better than ever, notes results of fight against corruption / Romanian head of state called for increased US military presence in the country

de Editorial Staff
Marți, 20 Aug 2019 English | Top News
​US President Donald Trump noted on Tuesday the results of the fight against corruption in Romania, saying counterpart Klaus Iohannis was doing a very good job in this regard. He made the comments in replying to a question by the correspondent as Iohannis was welcomed at the White House today.
  • As talks ended, Iohannis said he discussed an increased US military presence in Romania
  • Following the talks, the two presidents issued a joint statement re-affirming the "robust and durable strategic partnership" of the two countries and clarifying their common stand on a series of issues, including the opposition to the Nord Stream 2 "and other projects that make our Allies and partners dependent on energy from Russia".
Diaspora cozi
Photo: Hotnews

Half of Romanians abroad want back home - less than two years ago

de Editorial Staff
Some 47% of Romanians living abroad want to return to their country of origin, according to a study on Romanian diaspora ordered by RePatriot project and delivered by Open-I Research. The number is lower than that reported two years ago.
Bucuresti - centru
Foto: Hotnews

How cost of living and quality of life in Bucharest compare to other cities in Romania and abroad

de Editorial Staff
Bucharest fares 176th among 209 cities analysed over cost of living criteria in a Mercer report published this year. But the numbers vary from other charts and statistics. has tried to compare how the Romanian capital city fares in terms of cost of living and quality of life, compared to other cities in the country and abroad.
Iohannis și Trump

Presidents Iohannis, Trump due to meet at White House for one hour and a half

de Editorial Staff
​Romanian President Klaus Iohannis will be received by his US counterpart Donald Trump at the White House on Tuesday, the second such meeting the two have had since 2017. The meeting is scheduled to last an hour and a half.

​Brexit: What Romania's Ambassador to UK recommends after British Government said it planned to end EU free moment in case of no-deal leave

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 19 Aug 2019 English | Regional Europe
The UK Government has announced plans to end the application of EU rules on free movement immediately in case of a no-deal Brexit on October 31. Romania's Ambassador to London told on Monday evening that this did not mean Romanian citizens working there - more than 400,000 - would be prevented from entering Britain.
Photo: Captura Antena 3

Romanian PM Dancila taunts President Iohannis over US visit, planned meeting with Trump

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 19 Aug 2019 English | Politics
Romanian PM Viorica Dancila, whose governing Social Democrats oppose President Klaus Iohannis, taunted the head of state on Sunday over his planned visit to Washington, where he is due to meet President Donald Trump for a second time. She said that while the visit was important, Iohannis should have first consulted with the government over issues due to be discussed.
Spitalul Săpoca, după atac
Photo: Captura YouTube

Romania psychiatric hospital killings renew talk of failures in state institutions

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 19 Aug 2019 English | Top News
​A patient in a Romanian psychiatric hospital killed 4 other patients and injured nine using a drip ward on Sunday morning. The case in Sapoca, Buzau county in SE Romania, in which government authorities were quick to intervene, sparked new talk of failures in state institutions.
Metallica, Dăruiește Viața
Photo: Facebook

Metallica donates Eur 250,000 for Romania children's oncology hospital

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 14 Aug 2019 English | Top News
American band Metallica, who on Wednesday night held its fourth gig in Bucharest in 20 years, donated Eur 250,000 for the building of Romania's first children's oncology hospital, the initiators of the project announced. The initiators are two private persons, Oana Gheorghiu and Carmen Uscatu from the "Daruieste Viata" (Gift of Life) organisation.
Desi consumul se redinamizeaza, cresterea PIB se atenueaza

​Romania economy growth slows in first half of 2019 - flash estimate

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 14 Aug 2019 English | Top News
Romania's GDP grew 4.7% in the first half of 2019 as compared to S1 2018, according to a flash estimate released by the National Institute of Statistics on Wednesday. Growth in Q2 as compared to April-June 2018 stood at 4.4%. It marked a slowdown from 5% in the first quarter, according to Statistics data.
Tăriceanu și Dăncilă

Partners in Romania's governing coalition appear to step away from break-up

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 12 Aug 2019 English | Politics
Romania's PM Viorica Dancila, leader of the governing Social Democrats (PSD), on Monday dismissed any dispute with the partners of the PSD in the governing coalition, the Liberal Democrats (ALDE). Meanwhile, ALDE's leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu, who last week was pushing for a different alliance with a third political party, appeared to apply conditions for the current coalition to keep going.
Eugen Teodorovici, ministrul finantelor
Photo: Guvern

Romania government adopts budget correction, says plan to introduce tax on sugar and other measures would be split

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 12 Aug 2019 English | Top News
Romania's Finance minister Eugen Teodorovici on Monday announced that the government adopted a budget correction which would put the deficit out of harm's way. He claimed the correction would guarantee the full payment of salaries, pensions and ongoing investment projects.
Cocos, liderul gruparii de traficanți
Photo: Libertatea

​Libertatea newspaper reports case of underaged Romanian girls forced to have sex with Romanians, Austrian managers and US soldiers

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 12 Aug 2019 English | Press Review
Romanian newspaper Libertatea on Monday digs into a case where organised crime prosecutors have "forgiven" men who allegedly bought from human traffickers sexual services of underaged girls forced into prostitution. The newspaper quotes one of the victim when referring to the case of 16 underaged girls from the town of Caracal, South Romania, which was judged between 2012-2017 and ended with prosecutors "forgiving" the clients.
Piata Victoriei 10 august
Photo: Dan Mihai Balanescu

Major demonstration sees 25,000 people protesting against Romanian government

de Editorial Staff
Duminică, 11 Aug 2019 English | Top News
Over 25,000 people joined a protest against the Romanian government in Bucharest on Saturday, a year after a similar demonstration was dispersed violently by the riot police. This time around, gendarmes did not intervened. Protestors called for the resignation of the Social Democratic government, which many hold accountable for what they call a "failed state".
Violente la protestul din 10 august
Photo: Agerpres

Bucharest braces for major protest one year after riot police used brutality to stifle anti-government demonstration

de Editorial Staff
Vineri, 9 Aug 2019 English | Top News
Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend a demonstration in Bucharest on Saturday, exactly one year after the August 10, 2018 events when riot police intervened brutally to put an end to anti-government protests. Things have changed politically for the past 12 months but the situation within the society remains dire for the opponents of the current government and little has been done to sanction the authorities responsible with the violence a year ago.
  • Meanwhile, politicians make tactical moves over the Saturday protests
Sorin Mandrutescu
Photo: Arhiva personala

Oracle Romania manager Sorin Mindrutescu under inquiry by anti-graft prosecutors - official announcement

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 8 Aug 2019 English | Business
Romania's National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA) announced officially on Thursday that a criminal inquiry has been launched in the case of the general manager of Oracle Romania, Sorin Mindrutescu, on 8 accounts of bribe taking. A EUR500,000 bail was set, which Mindrutescu must pay by Friday. He is acucsed of receiving almost EUR870,000 from representatives of IT companies to give them advantageous offers of Oracle products, so that these companies be able to join tenders launched by state institutions.
Stema DNA
Photo: Wikipedia

Oracle Romania faces raid by anti-graft prosecutors - sources

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 7 Aug 2019 English | Business
Prosecutors for the National Anti-corruption Department (DNA) were running investigations at the HQ of Oracle Romania company in Bucharest, in a case of suspected private business coruption, judiciary sources told news agency Agerpres. It appeared that the head of the local branch was the target of the investigation.
David Sassoli
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

EP President Sassoli says Romanian teenager's murder horrifies whole Europe

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 7 Aug 2019 English | Regional Europe
Hearing the voice of Alexandra Macesanu calling for help in vain horrifies not only Romania, but the whole of Europe, David Sassoli, president of the European Parliament said in a Facebook post on Wednesday. He referred to the murder case of teenager Alexandra in the Southern Romanian town of Caracal two weeks ago, a case which shocked Romania as authorities failed to save the girl despite her calls for help.
Tariceanu si Ponta
Photo: Facebook

UPDATE Romania minor member of governing coalition ALDE announces new political alliance, then changes tone

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 7 Aug 2019 English | Politics
Romania's Liberal Democrats (ALDE), who are a minority member of the governing coalition with the Social Democrats (PSD), are forming a new political alliance with Pro Romania, a new party formed by ex-PSD leader and ex-PM Victor Ponta, ALDE leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu announced on Facebook on Wednesday. He later changed tone and modified his message, saying only talks in this regard have taken place.
  • UPDATE Pro Romania's Victor Ponta reacted shortly by saying that no decision was made, but "we talked and progressed" towards a joint political project, suggesting that ALDE was about to leave the governing coalition. He recalled that in late July he voiced support for joint project with ALDE, should ALDE leave the government.

Business coalition takes stand on Romanian government over failure to consult about new taxes

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 7 Aug 2019 English | Business
A major group of business and influential associations stood up again on Wednesday to challenge the Romanian government over its lack of consultations and transparency over taxation measures. The Coalition for the Development of Romania thus reacted to a set of tax and budgetary measures announced by the Finance Ministry.
Iohannis și Trump

Romania's presidential hopefuls sharpen electoral knives as incumbent Iohannis visits Trump

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 7 Aug 2019 English | Top News
Preparations for presidential elections due to take place in Romania later this year have entered a new phase as incumbent head of state Klaus Iohannis raised the stakes with an announced visit to the White House. Such an event is seen as an ace in the hands of anyone who secures it in Romania, a country for which, since the fall of communism, America was a key ally.







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