Liviu Dragnea
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​Romania Justice in limbo as two key officials are crossed off before Orthodox Holy Week

de Editorial Staff
Romania's embattled judiciary faces a period of high tension as two key officials were prompted to leave office this week and key verdicts were postponed as the country prepares for the Orthodox Holy Week. Facing mounting pressure, Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar announced his retirement and a prosecutor who has been accused of plagiarism was announced as replacement. And Justice minister Tudorel Toader announced his resignation as pressure increased for him to be replaced with an even bigger opponent of the fight against corruption.
Sedinta Guvern Dancila
Photo: Guvernul Romaniei

Romania government and top EU officials, foreign ambassadors in unprecedented standoff over rule of law

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 4 Apr 2019 English | Top News
Top EU and Western officials issued unprecedentedly harsh warnings to Romanian authorities on Wednesday demanding that rule of law be respected in the country and a key candidacy for a top EU prosecutorial job go on unimpeded. Romanian authorities responded in a just as harshly worded manner. But both parties stopped short from turning escalating rhetoric into action. The spiraling tensions are all the more so critical as Romania is the current holder of the rotating EU Council presidency.
Manifestul de la metrul de autostrada din Moldova
Photo: Captura de ecran

"One meter highway" viral campaign draws thousands of people, officials and companies in 15-min protest across Romania

de Editorial Staff
Vineri, 15 Mar 2019 English | Top News
Thousands of people across Romania on Friday joined a novel form of protest - a 15-minute pause in activity, joined by many companies and even authorities, in a call to build long due highways in the country and especially in its Eastern region of Moldova. The "Romania wants highways" campaign was launched by one young businessman from Suceava, NE Romania, who today inaugurated a piece of highway of only 1 meter length which he himself ordered to be built on a private property.
Dacian Ciolos si Dan Barna in studioul
Photo: Hotnews

Romania's electoral commission rejects registration of key opposition alliance for European elections, alliance says

de Ed. Staff
Joi, 7 Mar 2019 English | Top News
Romania's Central Electoral Office has rejected the registration of the opposition USR-PLUS Alliance for the European elections, according to a press release issued by the alliance on Thursday. USR-PLUS, formed of new political parties who have positioned themselves as "alternative" to old parties and in opposition to the governing Social Democrats (PSD), says the reason for the rejection is that the leaders of the two parties do not appear as their presidents in the Registry of political parties.
Viorica Dancila

UPDATE Romanian PM Dancila resists increasing pressure to drop ordinance affecting judiciary

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 25 Feb 2019 English | Top News
Romanian PM Viorica Dancila on Monday said that her government would not drop an ordinance issued recently, which changes the laws of justice and has been fiercely criticised for undermining the independence of the judiciary. Her position comes as domestic and European criticism and pressure on authorities to drop the ordinance have increased significantly.
  • UPDATE 1 President Klaus Iohannis urged the government late on Monday afternoon to annul the ordinance.
protest magistrati
Photo: Facebook

​Romanian magistrates in unprecedented wave of protests against changes to Justice laws

de Editorial Staff
Vineri, 22 Feb 2019 English | Top News
Romanian magistrates across the country on Friday launched a series of protests against a recent emergency ordinance by which the government introduced a series of unannounced changes to the laws of justice. The protests, which are due to continue next week and include organised suspensions of activity, are warning that the independence of Romanian judiciary is threatened for political purposes.
Frans Timmermans
Photo: Captura Twitter

Top EU officials including Frans Timmermans become subjects of complaint registered by Romanian body claiming to investigate Justice-related crimes

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 20 Feb 2019 English | Top News
A newly established body aimed at investigating crimes within the Romanian judiciary has registered a complaint against EC vice-president Frans Timmermans and other top officials, who are accused with criminal actions including the creation of an organised crime group. The body was established as part of the moves of the current government to subdue the judiciary politically. The complaint comes from a website known for its serving the interests of Romania's governing coalition in its attempt to put an end to the fight against corruption and bring the judiciary against political control.
Tudorel Toader
Photo: Digi24

Romania Justice minister Toader sparks outrage with two ordinances to change the laws of Justice

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 20 Feb 2019 English | Top News
Romania's Justice minister Tudorel Toader on Tuesday announced that the government adopted two ordinances changing the laws of justice: one focused on the designation of Romanian candidates to European prosecutor jobs and another on changing the three laws governing the judiciary, which were massively changed by the PSD-ALDE coalition last year. The announcement sparked harsh criticism from the President, the opposition, experts.
Photo: Hotnews

Romanian Parliament finally adopts 2019 budget bill with prospective deficit up to 2.76%

de Editorial Staff
Vineri, 15 Feb 2019 English | Top News
Romania's Parliament on Friday finally voted the long overdue budget law for 2019, with the Government claiming it was a realistic one despite a long period of massive efforts to come up with some form of financial planning. The bill has been harshly criticized by the opposition, President Iohannis and analysts for being non-realistic, as it is based on forecast on an unexplained level of economic growth and revenues way above potential.
Laura Codruța Kovesi

Romania's former anti-graft office head Kovesi accuses domestic attempts to prevent her taking over as EU Chief Prosecutor

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 14 Feb 2019 English | Top News
The former head of Romania's anti-graft prosecutor's office (DNA) Laura Codruta Kovesi announced in a radio show on Europa FM on Wednesday evening that she has been summoned as a suspect in a case, just as she prepares to go through European Parliament hearings for the EU Chief Prosecutor job. She accused a domestic attempt to stop her from taking over the job, given the hostility of the governing coalition in Romania against her.

​Romania recognises Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela

de Ed. Staff
Vineri, 8 Feb 2019 English | Top News
Romania recognises Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela, the Romanian Presidency announced on Friday. It said President Iohannis made the decision in the wake of thoroughly analyzing the situation and in the context of most EU member states, most of Romania's North-Atlantic allies and partners have recognised the legitimacy of Juan Guaido as interim president.
Nicolae Ciuca, seful Statului Major
Photo: MApN

Romania finds itself without head of Army while NATO secretary general visits Bucharest

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 31 Ian 2019 English | Top News
The Bucharest Court of Appeals has decided to suspend a decree by which President Klaus Iohannis has extended the term in office of the Army chief of staff, General Nicolae Ciuca. The decision is not final, but has to be applied, which means the Romanian Army remains without a head at the very moment NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visits Bucharest.
Photo: Facebook

Key Romanian leader Dragnea to be absent from ceremonies to launch Romanian EU Council Presidency

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 10 Ian 2019 English | Top News
The official ceremony for the launch of the Romanian presidency of the EU Council, scheduled in Bucharest with the participation of top EU leaders, will be missed by House of Deputies speaker Liviu Dragnea, the de facto leader of the governing Social Democrats (PSD). Dragnea, a politician who has received a suspended conviction for electoral fraud and faces other corruption cases, has delegated his tasks as speaker to vice-speaker Florin Iordache, also of the PSD.
Liviu Dragnea
Photo: Captura Facebook

​Romania's judicial issues take international turn with cases involving top politician Dragnea, ex-chief anti-graft prosecutor Kovesi

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 9 Ian 2019 English | Top News
Two major judicial cases involving key public figures in Romania went international these days, shortly after the country took over the EU Council presidency. Both are related to the fight against corruption in the country and involve two major opponents - a former top anti-graft prosecutor and a political leader who had received a conviction.
Teodor Melescanu
Photo: Agerpres

Russia Embassy sparks Romanian diplomatic reaction with comments about alleged smear campaign against Soviet "bandit and rapist" soldiers

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 31 Dec 2018 English | Top News
​Romania's Foreign Ministry reacted with "regrets" on Sunday to a statement published this weekend by the Russian Embassy to Bucharest, in which it claimed there was a campaign to smear the Red Army by labeling Russian soldiers during WWII as "bandits and rapists" while they liberated ECC countries from fascism. The Embassy statement was received as a provocation by Romanian commenters who point out the memories shared by the elderly, of the deeds Russians committed in their wake to their coming to Romania during and after the war.
Darius Valcov
Photo: Facebook - Darius Valcov

Romanian government adopts ordinance expanding taxation despite public outcry

de Editorial Staff
Sâmbătă, 22 Dec 2018 English | Top News
Romania's Social Democratic government late on Friday adopted a much criticised emergency ordinance which forces new or increased taxes on banks, energy and telecom companies and changes to private insurances. The ordinance is a slightly watered down version of a draft one which on Wednesday sent shocks through the stock exchange and the business sector. The government went with the initiative anyway, despite criticism of its lack of transparency and abusive actions.
Ion Iliescu
Photo: Agerpres

​Romanian first post-communist president Ion Iliescu indicted for crimes against humanity in 1989 Revolution case

de Editorial Staff
Vineri, 21 Dec 2018 English | Top News
The man who took the reins of power in the wake of the anti-communist Revolution in Romania, Ion Iliescu, and three other high profile leaders of the December 1989 events have been indicted for crimes against humanity, the Prosecutor General's office announced on Friday.
Iohannis si Dancila, la Guvern
Photo: Guvernul Romaniei

Romania's government party in counter-attacks as motion censure fails

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 20 Dec 2018 English | Top News
Romania's Social Democratic Party (PSD)-led government survived a motion censure submitted by the opposition on Thursday, going on counter-attack with new threats and blaming others for political failures. The government was forced, however, to postpone until Friday a decision on a draft emergency ordinance on fiscal changes, which has sparked an outcry on the stock exchange and among businesses since Tuesday. The fate of another critical ordinance was still to be cleared by late afternoon.
Bursa la inchidere
Photo: BVB

​Romania government's draft taxes prompt major losses of over EUR3 billion on Bucharest Stock Exchange

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 19 Dec 2018 English | Top News
Some EUR 3.1 billion were erased on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) on Wednesday, a day after the Romanian government announced a draft ordinance bringing major changes to taxation and other corporate regulations, less than two weeks before the new year. Energy and banking institutions were most affected by the BVB blow in the wake of the government announcement, which mainly affects banking, energy, telecom and insurance companies.
Eugen Teodorovici

Romanian government throws market into chaos with draft changes to tax and corporate rules

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 19 Dec 2018 English | Top News
​Romanian authorities sparked market outcry on Wednesday by announcing on Tuesday evening a series of massive changes to Romanian tax and other corporate rules, changes due to be applied, theoretically, in less than two weeks. The Bucharest Stock Exchange opened with strong losses today and pension funds, investors and other private sector bodies reacted harshly to measures which include a Greed Tax (yes, that is its name), changes to private pensions and state intervention on electricity and gas prices.
  • UPDATE 1 President Klaus Iohannis urged the government on Wednesday to drop plans for the new taxes, saying they were "throwing Romania into chaos". He said PSD was to blame of "greed"
  • UPDATE 2 Also on Wednesday, the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania) called for an urgent withdrawal of the emergency ordinance, calling its provisions as lacking responsibility and causing generalised chaos in the economy.
Liviu Dragnea, la Consiliul Național
Photo: Captura video

Romania governing party leader Liviu Dragnea draws reactions with radical speech attacking Justice rule, the West, major companies and president Iohannis

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 17 Dec 2018 English | Top News
Liviu Dragnea, the speaker of Romania's House of Deputies and leader of Romania's governing Social Democrats (PSD), used a speech on Sunday evening to strengthen his image of a strongman, with nationalistic attacks against the West, Western companies, the rule of law and president Klaus Iohannis, his political archrival. His statements drew a wave of reactions on Monday, as public bodies and various organisations took a stand against his statements.
Viorica Dancila
Photo: Captura Antena 3

Romanian Govt announces emergency ordinance on penal codes

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 10 Dec 2018 English | Top News
Romania's PM Viorica Dancila on Monday announced that the leadership of the governing Social Democratic Party (PSD) has decided the adoption of an emergency ordinance on the penal code and penal procedure codes of the country. She said that there was a vote on the opportunity of such an ordinance, but not when it would be adopted.
Fog covers cathedral during ceremony
Photo: Hotnews

VIDEO Throngs attended blessing of Romania's new, grandiose Orthodox cathedral amid controversies

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 26 Nov 2018 English | Top News
Throngs of Romanians attended the blessing of a gigantic new Orthodox cathedral on Sunday, in the immediate vicinity of the immense Communist-era House of the People. The event and its circumstances painted a vivid tableau of the country which is due to celebrate the anniversary of 100 years of statehood on December 1.
Liviu Dragnea
Photo: Facebook

​DIGEST ​Romania govt party leader Dragnea strengthens reign with reshuffle and Bucharest blow, as new revelations about him emerge

de Editorial Staff
Marți, 20 Nov 2018 English | Top News
The leader of Romania's governing coalition Liviu Dragnea on Monday strengthened his rule over his party by removing influential critics from key positions. He and his prime minister Viorica Dancila announced several major changes to the governmental team, while the Bucharest mayor, a prominent member of Dragnea's Social Democrats (PSD) and an opponent of the party strongman, was left without political functions.
Iordache si semnul obscen din Camera
Photo: captura Digi24

​Top governing party politician shows middle fingers to Romania opposition in rebuke to European Commission criticism

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 14 Nov 2018 English | Top News
An influential deputy of Romania's governing Social Democratic Party (PSD), Florin Iordache, used both his middle fingers towards the Opposition in Parliament on Wednesday, shortly after he rebuked European Commission calls for Romanian authorities to step back in their efforts to curb Judicial reform.
Dancila, prin telefon la emisiunea lui Gadea
Photo: Captura Antena 3

Romanian PM Dancila says EP resolution, EC report on Romania are "deeply unjust" and "eminently political"

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 14 Nov 2018 English | Top News
Romanian prime minister Viorica Dancila, seen as a puppet acting on behalf of Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea, called two key positions of the European Parliament and the European Commission on Romania on Tuesday as "deeply unjust" and "eminently political".
Comisia Europeana
Photo: Hotnews

​Bucharest reacts to Finnish government offer to take over EU Council presidency. Romanian ministry says country ready for job

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 14 Nov 2018 English | Top News
Romania's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said that the country was ready to take over its term at the presidency of the EU Council starting January 1 and that preparations were under way according to schedule. The statement came after the Finnish Government said it was available to take over the leadership of the Council earlier, if requested by authorities in Bucharest. Helsinki took the stand after Romania's President questioned the readiness of the government to deal with the responsibilities of the EU Council presidency.
Frans Timmermans si Viorica Dancila

European bodies slam Romania government over state of law, Romanian officials react

de Editorial Staff
Marți, 13 Nov 2018 English | Top News
The European Commission on Tuesday issued a blasting report the evolution of Justice reform in Romania - the so-called Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) - while the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the state of law in the country, seriously critical of events in the past year. Meanwhile, in Bucharest, the leader of the governing PSD party tried today to dillute the importance of the EU bodies' interventions.
Klaus Iohannis

As key minister steps back, Romania President Iohannis calls incumbent government "an accident of democracy", says country not ready to take over EU Council presidency

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 12 Nov 2018 English | Top News
Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Monday launched one of his harshest attacks on the Social Democratic (PSD)-led government, saying "things have gone insane" and "the political necessity is a replacement of this accident of the Romanian democracy, which is the Dragnea-Dancila government". He made the comments as the minister-delegate for EU issues, Victor Negrescu, appeared to have resigned last weekend, less than two months before Romania takes over the EU Council presidency.
Dragnea in Brazilia
Photo: Rise Project

​Romanian investigative media organisation says authority demands it to reveal source in major report, threatening EUR 20m fine

de Editorial Staff
Vineri, 9 Nov 2018 English | Top News
Romanian investigative media organisation RISE Project on Thursday said an authority of the state has asked it to reveal a source in a major report published earlier this week. The request of the government-controlled data protection agency used GDPR rules to support its request after an investigation related to a business linked to the head of the PSD governing party, Liviu Dragnea.
Calin Popescu Tariceanu
Photo: Facebook

Romanian Senate Speaker Tariceanu faces graft accusations in case related to his PM term

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 8 Nov 2018 English | Top News
​Romanian anti-graft prosecutors are accusing Senate speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu of having received "material benefits" amounting to some USD 800,000 when he served as prime minister a decade ago. According to sources, the charges are related to Austrian company Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH, which was a distributor of Microsoft licenses at the time.
Dragnea cu valizele la CEx
Photo: Hotnews

Romania governing party leader Dragnea stands against rising pressure with party expulsions, mockery of investigative report

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 5 Nov 2018 English | Top News
Liviu Dragnea, the embattled but strong armed leader of Romania's governing Social Democrats (PSD), on Monday was standing up against increasing pressure in the form of inner party opposition and of an investigative report blasting a major business he had been linked to.







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