​Presidential elections - provisional results: Iohannis - 66.05%, Dancila - 33.95% Incumbent president Klaus Iohannis received 66.05% of the votes in the presidential elections on Sunday while his rival, Social Democratic (PSD) leader Viorica Dancila got 33.95% of the votes, according to provisional data based on results from 99.86% of polling stations showed early on Monday.
Candidates react to Iohannis' victory in Romania presidential elections / Winner claims "victory" for a normal Romania and most serious defeat for the PSD The winner of Romania's presidential elections on Sunday, incumbent president Klaus Iohannis said as exit polls were announced that his victory was "the most important one against the [Social Democratic Party] PSD" and a victory of "normal Romania". For her part, loser Viorica Dancila of the PSD noted he appeared to have won more votes than her party in the European elections earlier this year.
​​BREAKING Exit polls: Incumbent Klaus Iohannis smashes rival Viorica Dancila with twice as many votes in Romania presidential elections Incumbent president Klaus Iohannis defeated rival Viorica Dancila with a score of 64.8% to 35.2% in the second round of presidential elections on Sunday, according to an exit poll by polling institutes CURS-Avangarde. Another poll by IRES institute showed a score of 66.5%-33.5% in favor of Iohannis. It was a smashing victory for the man who ran for a second term in office, as Romanians showed up at polling stations in larger numbers than in the first round of elections to vote in what was seen a popular rebuke to Dancila's Social Democratic government of recent years.
"Shock" figures on deforestation in Romania: Environment Ministry says illegal actions double amount of wood cut yearly Some 38.6 million cubic meters of wood is cut in Romania annually - almost double the official figures, with the difference resulting from illegal deforestation mostly in privately owned forests. As he presented the figures on Friday, Environment minister Costel Alexe described them as shocking.
Romanians to choose between incumbent Iohannis and Social Democratic ex-PM Dancila in second round of presidential elections Romanians vote for their president this weekend in elections that pitch incumbent president Klaus Iohannis against ex-prime minister Viorica Dancila. While Iohannis seen as a clear favorite, the vote has major symbolic significance: at the end of a largely uneventful, dull campaign, it would test how strong Dancila's Social Democrats, blamed for a long series of abuses against the rule of law, remain after being removed from government this fall.
​US Senate confirms Adrian Zuckerman as Ambassador to Romania The US Senate voted on Wednesday to name lawyer Adrian Zuckerman as Ambassador of the United States to Romania, news agency Mediafax reports, quoting The Washington Post. The vote was 65-30.
Rivals in Romanian presidential elections hold "debates" each on their own, discuss everything from Chinese influence to circle area calculator The two candidates in the final round of Romania's presidential elections each held a "debate" on their own on Tuesday evening, not facing each other but only journalists to discuss everything to the influence of Chinese companies to how to compute the area of a circle - and, in this latter case, not knowing the proper answer.See what they said - or even what they didn't say - during their talks
Baby, child and mother die in neurotoxin alert in Timisoara, building is evacuated Three people - a 10-day old baby, a 3-year old child and the latter's mother died and six other people, including 3 children, were hospitalised following a neurotoxin alert in a building in Timisoara, Western Romania on Monday.
Illegal transport of pangolin scales worth EUR1.5 million discovered Custom authorities in Kinshasa, Congo were notified this weekend about a case of pangolin scales trafficking, RFI has reported, quoted by Romanian news agency Agerpres. The scales were worth about EUR 1.5 million and were due to reach Romania via Istanbul.
Bear injured by car in Romania suffers for 18h before authorities intervene / Why it happens A bear agonized for 18 hours this weekend, after it was hit by a car in Harghita county, Central Romania until authorities decided to intervene and put an end to its suffering. The case, which shocked the public, rose questions about the lack of action from people in charge and their not giving any sort of relevant consideration to the safety of wild animals along traffic routes.
Romanian MP reportedly caused scandal as he refused to stop after crossing through red light / Police denies report A Romanian deputy caused a scandal late on Wednesday when he was stopped by the police after crossing through a red light in Bucharest, news agency Mediafax reported. Early on Thursday, the police told news channel Digi 24 that the politician did not in fact cross through the red light, despite footage apparently showing so.
Declassified report sheds light on links between August 10, 2018 riot police violence and politicians An Interior Ministry report on violence during massive anti-government protests that took place in Bucharest on August 10 last year sheds light on key links between riot police decision makers and politicians, sources have told
​Results: Incumbent Iohannis wins first round of presidential elections with 37.5%, setback for key challenger Barna Romania's incumbent president Klaus Iohannis won 37.5% of votes in the first round of presidential elections on Sunday, with most of the votes counted. Results show he will face Social Democratic (PSD) leader Viorica Dancila in a second round, while a third challenger, Dan Barna of the opposition USR party scored even poorer results than in exit polls.
Top candidates react to exit polls in Romania presidential elections Incumbent President Klaus Iohannis called a vote in presidential elections on Sunday, which placed him in pole position in a second round of polls later this month, as a clear vote against the Social Democrats (PSD). Third-placed Dan Barna, who hoped to come second and leave the SocDems out of the picture, showed hope that final results would be different. Second-placed Viorica Dancila of the PSD thanked all who voted "with their heart".
BREAKING ​Presidential elections: Romania's incumbent Klaus Iohannis to face SocDem leader Viorica Dancila in second round - exit polls Romania's incumbent President Klaus Iohannis will face Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Viorica Dancila in the second round of presidential elections, exit polls for the first round of vote today show. The exit poll by CURS-Avangarde polling institutes, as presented by Digi 24 news channel, said Iohannis scored 39%, Dancila - 22.5%, while a third contender, Dan Barna of the Save Romania Union (USR), scored 16.4%. Polls are based on earlier data and voting in the diaspora is yet to conclude.
Romanians to vote for president as spectacularly dull campaign ends / One against many as incumbent Iohannis tries to hold power Romania braces for presidential elections this weekend at the end of one of the most lackluster campaigns in recent memory, despite the major significance of the vote. Three challengers are facing favorite Klaus Iohannis, the incumbent head of state, in a poll where the most significant electoral event was the temporal disappearance of a minor candidate who was later found at a monastery. The first round of elections is due to be followed by a second round two weeks later.
Romanian PM says RON11 billion in budget revenues missing Newly named Romanian PM Ludovic Orban said at the Finance Ministry on Wednesday that budget revenues amounting to 11 billion lei were unaccounted for as his government took over from the previous Social Democratic executive.
Most Romanians believe European medical treatment standards are inaccessible in Romania Health should be a priority on the public agenda, in the opinion of 99% of Romanians living in urban areas, according to a new study. It says 86% of Romanians believe that European standards of medical treatment are inaccessible in the country.
Romanian-born theater director Andrei Serban says political correctness was cause for his departure from Columbia University Romanian-born theater director Andrei Serban, who has built his career in the West, especially in the US, told a Romanian TV show recently that he has left the Columbia University school of arts over political correctness-related causes.
Romania budget deficit is expected to exceed 3% of the GDP - sources, minister The budget deficit of Romania is expected to exceed 3% of the GDP, Finance Ministry sources have told, confirming previous comments in this regard made by newly named Finance minister Florin Citu.


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