Romania energy regulator considers options in case of Russia gas transit cuts in winter season There is "reasonable doubt" that natural gas delivery through Ukraine might be diminished in the upcoming winter season, so cutting delivery for some categories of consumers in Romania and having thermal energy units use oil fuel may become necessary, according to Romania's national agency regulator ANRE.
​UPDATE Romania government holds first session after departurte of coalition partner The Social Democratic (PSD) government of PM Viorica Dancila is due to convene on Tuesday for its first session after a minor but influential parter, ALDE, announced on Monday it would leave the governing coalition. Three of four ALDE ministers are expected to resign after the session, with a fourth announcing she would stick with the government.UPDATE The ALDE ministers except Foreign minister Manescu submitted their resignations in the afternoon, a government spokesman announced. PM Dancila thanked them anyway and, re-affirming PSD would stick to its government, claimed that "while governing hasn't been perfect, it is certainly efficient".
US Attorney General invites Romanian Justice minister for meeting in advance of her planned change with disputed magistrate US Attorney General William Barr on Monday invited Romanian Justice minister Ana Birchall for a meeting in Washington in September, his office announced. The news comes as Romania's PM Viorica Dancila last week nominated a new minister, Dana Girbovan, who has been the subject of political controversies but who has yet to receive the approval of the president of Romania.
Romanian PM announces key changes to government team, including new Justice minister Romanian PM Viorica Dancila announced Friday afternoon a series of changes to her government team, following talks with the party leadership. A key change is that of nominating the head of a judges union, Dana Garbovan, as Justice minister. Another - the naming of Mihai Fifor as Interior minister.
Romania's former tax authority chief Sorin Blejnar indicted in new corruption case A former head of Romania's fiscal authority ANAF was indicted for bribe taking, the country's anti-corruption department DNA announced on Thursday. The bribery amounts to EUR1.2 million in Blejnar's case, according to prosecutors.
​INTERVIEW What Romanian Ambassador to US George Maior says on Black Sea energy, 5G memorandum and US visas Romania's Ambassador to the US George Maior insists in an interview with on the political and strategic importance of talks on energy and 5G tech issues at a meeting between Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and US leader Donald Trump earlier this week. He also speaks of "encouraging signs" from Trump on the issue of American visas for Romanian nationals.
Romania's governmental agent at the European Court of Human Rights Viorel Mocanu dismissed as suspicions loom A key representative of the Romanian government at the European Court of Human Rights, who, as has revealed, acted in support of a top official against whom he should have defended the Romanian state, was released from office, according to a decision by the Romanian PM on Wednesday.
UPDATE VIDEO Trump-Iohannis Meeting ​US President says relations with Romania better than ever, notes results of fight against corruption / Romanian head of state called for increased US military presence in the country ​US President Donald Trump noted on Tuesday the results of the fight against corruption in Romania, saying counterpart Klaus Iohannis was doing a very good job in this regard. He made the comments in replying to a question by the correspondent as Iohannis was welcomed at the White House today.As talks ended, Iohannis said he discussed an increased US military presence in RomaniaFollowing the talks, the two presidents issued a joint statement re-affirming the "robust and durable strategic partnership" of the two countries and clarifying their common stand on a series of issues, including the opposition to the Nord Stream 2 "and other projects that make our Allies and partners dependent on energy from Russia".
Presidents Iohannis, Trump due to meet at White House for one hour and a half ​Romanian President Klaus Iohannis will be received by his US counterpart Donald Trump at the White House on Tuesday, the second such meeting the two have had since 2017. The meeting is scheduled to last an hour and a half.
Metallica donates Eur 250,000 for Romania children's oncology hospital American band Metallica, who on Wednesday night held its fourth gig in Bucharest in 20 years, donated Eur 250,000 for the building of Romania's first children's oncology hospital, the initiators of the project announced. The initiators are two private persons, Oana Gheorghiu and Carmen Uscatu from the "Daruieste Viata" (Gift of Life) organisation.
​Romania economy growth slows in first half of 2019 - flash estimate Romania's GDP grew 4.7% in the first half of 2019 as compared to S1 2018, according to a flash estimate released by the National Institute of Statistics on Wednesday. Growth in Q2 as compared to April-June 2018 stood at 4.4%. It marked a slowdown from 5% in the first quarter, according to Statistics data.
Romanian government official criticized for comparing president Iohannis to Adolf Hitler The institute studying the Holocaust in Romania has criticised the gesture of a government official who has published a photo collage comparing President Klaus Iohannis to Adolf Hitler.
Police officers sent walking as "sanction" for failing to get out of car and help suspected rape victim Police officers in the Eastern Romanian city of Galati, who refused to get off their car and failed to help a teenage girl who was bloodied and in state of shock, have received a first "sanction": until a disciplinary inquiry is ended, they will have to walk while on duty, without the right to use their police vehicle, as police sources told news agency Mediafax.
Romania's Culture minister on Romani Holocaust: "Delicate moments, not to call them unpreasant" "More delicate moments, not to call them difficult or unpleasant" have happened where "certain minorities suffered" - this is how Romanian Culture minister Daniel Breaz has described the Romani Holocaust at a ceremony last weekend to commemorate the genocide of the Romani people during WWII.
Another case of passive police reported, linked to Caracal murders A friend of one of the suspected victims of the murderer in Caracal, South Romania is now the target of acts of aggression which the police appear to witness passively, Romanian newspaper Libertatea reports. The report comes as the police faces mounting pressure over its incapacity to help people in need - as shown in the Caracal murder case and, more recently, by the suspected rape case in Galati, East Romania.
New scandal hits embattled Romanian police after suspected rape case in Galati city An inquiry within the police structures in Galati, Eastern Romania has been launched after two police officers there were filmed refusing to intervene to help a bloodied girl who was believed to be a rape victim, according to news agency Mediafax. The case, which prompted positions from central authorities, deals a new blow to the Romanian police, in wake of the national outrage caused by a murder case in Caracal over the past two weeks.
Teenage girl missing in suspected murder case confirmed dead by DNA tests, say judicial sources and relative Results of DNA tests have "99% confirmed" that bones found in the home of a suspect murderer in Caracal, South Romania belong to the missing teenager whose suspected death has shaken the country for the past week, as judicial sources have told news agency Agerpres. A relative of the victim also said that the Justice minister informed parents about the finding. An official announcement has yet to be made.UPDATE Saturday: Prosecutors confirmed officially that DNA found in bones collected from suspect's home was Alexandra's.
Romania's Education minister Andronescu sacked over "irresponible" statements in teenager's murder case Romanian PM Viorica Dancila on Friday dismissed Education minister Ecaterina Andronescu over "deeply flawed" statements the minister made on Thursday in relation to a teenager's murder case that has shaken Romania.
Romania government attempts to send message of action in face of massive criticism over murder case / PM Dancila "declares war on criminality" "I declare war on criminality", Romanian PM Viorica Dancila said on Wednesday as her government struggles with increased criticism over the incapacity of authorities to prevent - then solve a murder case in Caracal, south Romania, which has shaken the nation. But her war on criminality, coming from the leader of a party that has been largely blamed for rising criminality in the country, started with a plan to move the 112 emergency service from a special service to the Interior ministry. Both institutions have been blamed for massive failures in the murder case.
Romania's governmental agent to European Court of Human Rights Viorel Mocanu may resign A key representative of the Romanian government at the European Court of Human Rights, who, as has revealed, acted in support of a top official against whom he should have defended the Romanian state, may resign, Foreign Ministry sources have told


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